Setup your own#

Running the application#

To quickly get something running download the (latest) version of the application from and download the fairds-latest.jar file.

To start the program in a terminal (Linux/Mac) or Command Prompt/Powershell in Windows by typing: java -jar fairds-latest.jar

When you see the following line, the application has started…

Started Application in 3.666 seconds (process running for 6.147)

Now you can access the application using your browser at http://localhost:8083

(The application is now only accessible from your own device)

Here you can generate your templates and validate your metadata. Or you can work on your own metadata packages, see: Templates

Using docker#

When you want to use the application through docker the following command can be used:


docker run -v $PWD/fairds_storage:/fairds_storage -it -p 8083:8083


docker run -v $PWD/fairds_storage:/fairds_storage -it -p 8083:8083


docker run -v “%cd%”/fairds_storage:/fairds_storage -it -p 8083:8083

This command will mount the current directory into the fairds_storage folder inside the docker to ensure that all files are stored locally.