FAIR-DS Local & Metadata#

This application is written in java and if you have java installed on your computer you should be able to start the program on your local machine.

  • To obtain the program go to http://download.systemsbiology.nl/unlock and download the fairds-latest.jar to your computer

  • To start the program start a command line interface (Prompt, Shell, Terminal depending on your operating system).

    • For mac: Open the terminal app

    • For ubuntu: Open the terminal app

    • For windows: Open the Command Prompt app

  • Type: java -jar fairds-latest.jar (When you are in the same folder as the jar file)

  • When you see the following line, the application has started… Tomcat started on port(s): 8083 ….

  • Now you can access the application using your browser at http://localhost:8083.